Advanced Green Materials for Aerospace

The third area AMIC is setting its sight on is advanced green material for Aerospace. This field is obviously linked to the overall objective of AMIC to work towards sustainability of the Aerospace industry. Eco-efficiency is a key to address aerospace industry sustainability and environmental impact and a significant part of eco-efficiency relies on the use of new greener materials. This is true not only for Aerospace but for a whole range of other major businesses (such as Automotive, Oil and Gas, etc.), meaning that the potential market for a research centre in this field is huge. AMIC is committed to embrace into key research programs in this field, building on outstanding competencies in terms of R&T that are already available in Malaysia. The objectives of AMIC in this field are twofold: firstly, participate in the structuring of this area of excellence in what could be a world-leading institute in this field, and secondly to shorten the path to market for cleaner and recyclable materials, in particular for natural fiber composites materials.

“Kenaf fiber is among the most effective natural fibers’/’Maerogel has been developed at UTM and shows big potential as a thermal isolator”

Status: Projects and partners have been selected to tackle with these objectives (in particular we have on-going discussions on research projects on Maerogel and Kenaf fiber based composites).