Introduction The Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre is a first of its kind in the region; an industrial research institute lead by aerospace OEMs AIRBUS GROUP and ROLLS-ROYCE providing focused R&T research projects with clear technology-recipients from industry and possessing well-defined route to market.

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Our Vision

To facilitate technology transfer and adoption of innovative design and development by aerospace industries to move Malaysian companies up the value chain.

Driving Our Challenges

Dato_Sri_Dr_Zakri_Abdul_Hamid_1 (1)The unique university-industry research collaboration exemplified by AMIC is a work in progress that propels Malaysia towards the industrialised, high-tech country we all aspire to. It is an effort to tap the expertise and resources of our friends in the developed world to strengthen our local human capital, while at the same time maximising the sustainable use of our abundant natural resources.

Prof. Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, Joint Chairman

Research & Technology

AMIC Research & Technology (R&T) activities are reflecting the current challenges and opportunities faced by the Aerospace industry in Malaysia. AMIC has managed to establish the technical network, comprising of major industrial players, government agencies and academia in order to foster strong collaboration in the research area as illustrated below.

They have been selected to contribute to help the air transport industry to shape a path towards sustainability and have been classified in two distinct areas, namely as Sustainable Aviation and Factory of The Future.

AMIC is committed to identify and prioritize key R&T projects in these areas in order to provide our members with a cutting-edge R&T portfolio, and to develop technological skills and resources in key strategic areas for them.